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It all started when...

Like a proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, two BFFs (Neil and Jose from the NerdBound Podcast) have once again joined forces to gain internet fame and fortune, regardless how niche and ultimately imaginary it is. Then they recruited a talented young lady, Kat, to add a woman’s perspective to the podcast and rein in the excruciatingly long and unnecessarily detailed nerd conversations. Finally, everything changed when we added our MVI (Most Valuable Improviser), Shelly. She adds actual improv training and the ability to at least try to get us to play to her level. The circle is complete and we plan on rocking your improvised world.

Be prepared to be bombarded by endless salvos of inside jokes and obscure pop culture references with the occasional improvised scene in between. Yes, technically, we are billing this as an improv podcast, but much like our role-playing game podcast of yore, we tend to get very sidetracked, very easily. Each episode we set out to have an entertaining discussion of a classic, or not so classic, movie. Then, we jump into improvised scenes based on those conversations, hopefully amusing you in the process. After each scene, we try to debrief and figure out what worked, what didn’t, and of course how awesome we are. So tune in for improv, comedy, rambling, bravado, self-deprecation, and good times. The kind of good times only BFFs can have.

Note: we have no formal training (except for Shelly), limited experience, and absolutely no right or rational reason to put ourselves on the internet. What we do have are copies of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Improvisation Manual that I have read and apparently the others have sort of skimmed. Now get your own and be an internet semi-star!