Episode 4 - Left Behind

Happy New Year! In honor of the looming end of civilization as we know it. We present a movie only a hair crazier than the reality of Donald Trump being president and with hair only slightly less crazy than his. You've heard the mini-sode. You know there's more. So here it is.

The group discusses the entirety of this mortal sin of a movie. In a world with no base reality whatsoever, we overcome all obstacles to at least get out some scenes out. In hindsight, there was some truly hilarious stuff in this movie, like watching a preachy Birdemic. But I can't tell you to watch it. It's painful. You'll want to punch the screen. You'll wonder why Nicolas Cage's hair looks like a wig made of black cotton candy. You'll wonder why I thought watching this movie was a good idea. It wasn't.