Episode 8 - The Burbs

Tom Hanks stars in this hellish dystopian nightmare . . . wait they're just in the suburbs? Tom Hanks stars in the most accurate portrayal of living in the suburbs ever committed to film. Neighbors constantly watch each others' moves, talk behind everyones' backs, and care way too much about crap that is neither their business nor something anyone with anything better to do would even take a second glance at. Sorry, can you tell I live in a suburb?

Basically Tom Hanks lives the dream as his wife and kid leave on a separate vacation as he gets to screw off at his house and get into absurd shenanigans. Oh, and his neighbors are terrifying hillfolk who bury things in their yard at night. Part comedy, part horror, all entertaining. This is the movie that got Mr. Hanks out of Super Mario Bros. The Movie. He dodged a serious bullet. But that's for future discussions.


The Burbs