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Bonus Episode 6 - improv4humans contest performance

Why wait? There are a few more practice sessions as bonus material, but here's our official improv4humans contest performance. In the wake of a water outage and near entire shutdown of Chapel Hill, NC, the Two Black Eyes Podcast powers through to give a stunning performance. This is the audio. Want the video too? Check it out here:

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Bonus Episode 1 - Wage Gap, Kat is the Boss, and Organic Improv

This is a discussion and scene from a pre-format episode (i.e. before we used movies as our muse). Kat was the boss for this episode and we tried an organic improv approach. Instead of telling a story for inspiration or using the discussion, we used in this case a phrase and in other cases that may appear later a word to just jump into a scene and find the game.

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