Westworld - HBO

Westworld is blowing my mind. Yes, it's blowing everyone's minds, but I need in on this action. The show is on HBO and this is the first season (as of this post). It's easy to catch up with only 4 episodes released so far. Oh, and Jonathan Nolan is one of the writers.

The show is NOT a western, sort of. It's set in a Western-themed park in the future where androids serve as fodder for every depraved act rich a-holes can dream up. That's all I'll say.

It's not graphic like Game of Thrones can be (at least not yet). And the show spends a ton of time worldbuilding, which really develops the characters and let's you slowly form your own opinions of the park, its inhabitants, and its visitors. 

Watch it. It may be my favorite show since Breaking Bad. Yeah, that good.