Black Mirror - Netflix

Originally a British show and now produced by Netflix, Black Mirror is what to watch when you want a peek into our world just slightly into the future and with a scarier obsession with technology. Each episode is a stand-alone vignette, making it easy to pick up and put down at will. The first two seasons are very dark, and the third is slightly tempered for a wider American audience with a few really twisted storylines left in for those who like to be depressed about the future.

The episode that got me hooked was "White Bear" in season 2. Essentially, you watch a woman publicly shamed in the "White Bear Justice Park" for a crime she committed but has no memory of. The creepy part is that people pay to watch he go through a tortuous sort of obstacle course within the confines of the park, and are encouraged to capture what they see with their phones. It takes a while to get situated to each fictional world and learn its mechanics, but that's what makes this show so entertaining. You have to put down your phone and actually think about what's going on in front of you.