Radical Face - Family Tree

Radical Face (whose main member is Ben Cooper) is a recent discovery for me (not for a number of people as the band/artist has been around for quite a while). However, I quickly became obsessed with the folksy singer/songwriter-style and fascinating storyline that follows family members through several generations. I have the benefit of coming in as the last (??) album has been released, so no waiting to hear all the cool connections. Overall, the aesthetic is paired down with a focus on acoustic guitar and modest accompaniment. You can listen to entire albums and not even realize how much time has passed. It's more than worth a listen. Seriously, I had the entire Family Tree series of albums playing on repeat on a Spotify playlist for weeks.

You can check out a helpful family tree of all the songs/characters with descriptions of how everything ties together at http://www.radicalface.com/. You can find Radical Face music on all your normal music buying/streaming/whatever platforms and I hope that you do.